Paper Bridge

This event is the perfect mixture of civil, structural, and construction engineering. With each team building a paper bridge judged based not only on it's stability, but also other components. This event focuses on real life applications of topics you will be exposed to in not only a classroom environment, but also future work environments. 

To participate in this event please fill out the following requisition form for your team: Paper Bridge Materials Recquisition Form

Click the document below to view the rules, guidelines, and general information for this event :

Paper Bridge General Info

Tips for the Event:

Paper Bridge Hints

Rube Goldberg Machine

This event is geared toward those of you interested in mechanical engineering. With an emphasis on the subject of mechanical energy transfers, this event requires teams to build machines utilizing specific materials in order to complete one of three outlined tasks. 

To participate in this event please do not forget to fill out the following requisition form: 

Rube Goldberg Requisition Form 

Click below for general information, rules, and guidelines:

Rube Goldberg Machine General Information

Tips for the Event:

Rube Goldberg Tips

Electric Jeopardy

This event focuses on the basic concepts behind computer and electrical engineering. An event that combines basic concepts and applications of those concepts in one Jeopardy style event. Teams will be wiring circuits, solving logic problems, and learning the basic concepts behind both fields of study. This event is point based, and places a heavy emphasis on circuit design programming theory.

Click below for general information, rules, and guidelines:

Electric Jeopardy General Information


Tips For the Event: 

Electrical Circuit Basics

Digital Logic Basics

An Introduction to Binary

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