Professional Development

We are dedicated to providing our members with the tools necessary for success in the field of engineering. We do our best to connect our members with industry professionals and provide them with experiences that are not available in a lab or classroom. 

Some resources of professional development include, but are not limited to: 

A Mentor and Mentee program

Engineering Industry Tours 

Professional Guest Speakers 

Social Activities

PASE is not only focused on offering professional and educational resources, but also works to encourage a sense of community through social events. These events vary and are both for members and non-members.

Social Events include:

Beach/Bonfire Day 

Laser Tag Night 


Karaoke Night 

Study Hours

The Pacific Asian Society of Engineers strives for the academic success of its members. During study hours, members have the ability to work together, or study quietly in a more comfortable environment. Study hours can be used for self study or group study. Special arrangements can be made for large study groups studying for the same subject. 

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